General Information

McKnight Brain Institute
The human brain and spinal cord, or central nervous system (CNS) is beginning to become better understood because of advances in genetic, molecular, cellular, and behavioral neurosciences. The CNS represents the biological basis for perception of our world, movements, rational thought, creativity, emotions, communications, acquisition through our senses, and the interpretations of ourselves and our world that underlie all of our behaviors.

Malformations, diseases or injuries of the CNS during development or adult life can result in devastating behavioral losses. New technologies for diagnosing and treating neurological disorders, including advances in the nascent field of regenerative medicine, have resulted in exciting new approaches for CNS repair. The McKnight Brain Institute of the University of Florida is a unique research and teaching institution whereby scientists and clinicians work together under one roof to advance knowledge of the normal, injured, diseased, and regenerating CNS.

The mission of the Evelyn F. & William L. McKnight Brain Institute of the University of Florida is to understand how normal CNS development and function contribute to higher cognitive functions, including lifelong learning and memory, via complex interactive neural circuitries that produce all of our incredible human behaviors. Focusing on the ability to remember and learn throughout life, treatment of movement disorders, brain cancer and stroke, our dedicated scientists and clinical investigators rely on state-of-the-art facilities, resources and creativity that are required for the discovery of powerful new protocols to treat all neurological disorders that have the potential to impair quality of life. Our dedication to this mission will continue to lead to advances in knowledge of the normal, compromised, protected and repaired CNS.