McKnight Brain Institute Membership

These are exciting times at the MBI. Under new leadership that arrived in 2017, the MBI is creating a broader umbrella for neuroscience research at UF — efforts that will further elevate our research and education programs. We’ve already created several new enhancements, including:

  • MBI Research Evenings: Join fellow UF scientists to network and learn about current neuroscience research in a social atmosphere.
  • MBI Neuromedicine Scholars: Internationally recognized neuroscience leaders and rising stars visit UF to deliver informational lectures.
  • Conference Funding: Have an idea for a conference you’d like to host? The MBI is now offering conference funding awards.
  • MBI Training Opportunities: New award programs support trainees and junior faculty including leadership, travel and fellowship awards; trainee enhancement opportunities; and pilot grant and grant supplements.
  • We’ve bolstered communications support to help publicize your research, including a revamped newsletter and new social media channels launching in the fall of 2018!

MBI membership is open to any of the following individuals at UF engaging in neuroscience research:

  • Faculty members
  • Fellows
  • Residents
  • Graduate or undergraduate students
  • Research staff

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MBI members support our mission to champion neuroscience research across the UF campus and beyond. They are vital to our neuroscience research collaborations that are positively impacting numerous fields, including brain aging, brain and spinal cord injuries, neurodegenerative disease, neuroimaging, neuro-oncology, pain and addiction research and psychiatric disorders. These collaborations are key to securing grant funding, strengthening research and broadening its impact.

Exclusive faculty member benefits include:

Benefits for all MBI members include:

MBI members are encouraged to declare indirect costs (IDCs) to the MBI at the time of grant awards and acknowledge the MBI in all publications and grant applications as appropriate.

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