Tropical weather and emergency preparedness

Following last year’s close call with Hurricane Irma, the MBI has taken several measures to enhance emergency preparedness for the MBI building and its occupants.

  • The MBI’s director of operations, Ken Marx, is a member of the 2018 UF Emergency Preparedness Plan Cohort. Now in its fourth year, UF’s Department of Emergency Preparedness offers a 10-month series for participants across the UF campus to develop or update emergency preparedness plans. These plans use templates developed by UF based on FEMA guidelines for emergency plans and planning.
  • Several MBI labs’ representatives are also participating in developing the MBI’s plan, specifically lending their expertise in laboratory operations to ensure the MBI plan addresses research area needs.
  • Using the MBI plan as a guide, each functional work unit within the building is encouraged to develop their own plans to ensure all unique preparations for their personnel and areas are created and accessible.
  • In addition to the planning above, an engineering study of the MBI emergency power system and generator is being conducted. It is expected that the results will provide objective information regarding the building’s capacity for emergency power and facilitate plans to provide additional access as needed.
  • The 2018 hurricane season began June 1. Guidelines and checklists specific to tropical weather preparation and recovery were emailed to all building occupants early in June.  Additional communications will be made throughout the season and the MBI Emergency Preparedness Plan will be posted on the MBI website once it is complete.

All MBI building occupants are encouraged to start planning for campus closures and general emergencies now. Safety is our primary concern and having a plan in place greatly increases the likelihood everyone will remain safe.

Please contact Ken Marx at 273-8500 or for more information or with questions.