Center for Smell and Taste co-hosts new conference

Steven MungerSteven Munger, Ph.D., professor and vice-chair of the department of pharmacology & therapeutics and director of the UF Center for Smell and Taste, is collaborating with researchers at two other institutions to host the Identifying Treatments for Taste and Smell Disorders conference this November.

This conference will, for the first time, bring together researchers that are developing stem cell and gene therapy treatments for auditory, visual and dermatological conditions with those that study smell and taste disorders. This, combined with the cooperation between researchers, clinicians and patients, will facilitate a novel opportunity for the field of sensory disorders.

“This conference will contribute significantly to our efforts to educate and engage patients with smell or taste disorders. By partnering with Monell and the CU School of Medicine’s Rocky Mountain Taste and Smell Center, we can leverage the expertise of the three major National Institutes of Health-supported research centers for the study of smell and taste to facilitate the exchange of ideas and build new collaborations with both scientists and patients.”

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