Examining the link between contact sports and neurological disease

Dr. DSteven DeKosky, M.D., professor of neurology and deputy director of the McKnight Brain Institute, was recently featured in a story published by the American Academy of Neurology’s Brain & Life Magazine.

The story includes input from a variety of esteemed neurological experts, including Bennet Omalu, M.D., who discussed the link between chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, and repeated hits to the head.

Exactly who is at risk to develop CTE as a result of brain trauma is complicated; there are numerous factors at play that can influence the chance of it happening. These can include the severity and number of hits, as well other complicating factors such as hereditary risk for brain vulnerability.

“It’s likely that there are not only different thresholds of recurrent blows to the head, but that genetic factors affect resistance or vulnerability to developing CTE,” DeKosky said.

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