1st Rhoton Society Meeting held in Tianjin, China

This summer, the 1st Rhoton Society Meeting was held in Tianjin, China and included more than 800 participants and 20 Rhoton Fellows from several countries spanning multiple generations. The meeting will take place every two years.

The Rhoton Society’s mission is to make neurosurgical operations more accurate, gentle and safe through better knowledge of anatomy; facilitate new anatomical research that will improve clinical understanding and surgical approaches; and ensure that the field of microneurosurgical anatomy is embraced by the next generation of neurosurgeons.

The late Albert L. Rhoton Jr., M.D., is an internationally known neurosurgeon and pioneering researcher who built a small neurosurgery division into a thriving department at the University of Florida College of Medicine. He is considered the father of neurosurgical anatomy and microneurosurgery, a technique involving microscopes and microsurgical instruments Rhoton designed for maximum precision that are now used worldwide.

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