World’s most comprehensive concussion study expanded

The NCAA and U.S. Department of Defense announced an Clugstonexpansion of the world’s most comprehensive concussion study — The Concussion Assessment, Research and Education Consortium, or CARE.

The University of Florida is among 30 colleges and military service academies involved with CARE, which will use $22.5 million to launch a new phase of research. Jay Clugston, M.D., UF Athletic Association team physician and director of the UF Student Health Care Center Sports Concussion Center, serves on CARE’s Operating Committee.

Made possible by a $30 million NCAA-Department of Defense grant, the initial phase of the study evaluated participants with concussions in the hours, days and weeks after injury, comparing results with baseline tests. The new phase will include comprehensive testing of the participants when they leave college and up to four years after their collegiate sports or service academy careers have ended.

Click here to read the press release about the CARE study’s expansion.