Postdoc Highlight: Matt Hamm, Ph.D.

Dr. Matt Hamm
Dr. Matt Hamm

Lab of José Abisambra, Ph.D.

Department: Neuroscience

Age: 30

Hometown: Atlanta

Year I became a Gator: 2012

Research Focus: Understanding the biochemical fallout following one or more mild traumatic brain injuries and associated neurodegeneration in order to inform the design of potential therapeutics to improve quality of life.

What drives me: I find research into neurodegeneration and traumatic brain injury to be compelling because there still remain so many unanswered questions about the human brain, and answering those questions could have transformative effects on the lives of many, many people.

Quote: “Postdocs are important pillars for many labs. They are capable of conducting a good deal of work on their own, without continuous input from the PI (principal investigator), and usually contribute to project and experimental design, as well as mentorship of less experienced trainees. Working as a postdoc is an important time to grow one’s self-sufficiency as a researcher, hopefully polishing strengths and mitigating weaknesses along the way.”

What I love about Gainesville: Gainesville has a smaller, college town feel, but it has enough going on that you can usually find something to do on any given weekend. Additionally, Gainesville is within driving distance of many great natural/outdoor attractions, as well as several larger, major cities, such that many opportunities outside of town are within reach of Gainesville locals as well.

Something few people know about me: I collect records. I am a huge music fan and it is great fun to have listenable pieces of musical history from my favorite acts.

My favorite food: I like anything that is spicy, but I absolutely love Mexican food. Gainesville’s La Tienda restaurant has some of the best Mexican food around.

In my free time, I like to: I am fairly introverted; I love hiking, music, and a good book.

Dr. Matt Hamm
Dr. Matt Hamm
Dr. Matt Hamm
Dr. Matt Hamm


Postdoc Highlight Series

This post was published as part of a larger article on postdoctoral researchers. At UF’s McKnight Brain Institute, postdocs come from across the globe, attracted by access to renowned neuroscientists and pioneers in their fields who serve as mentors and by a wide array of leading scientific programs ranging from cognitive aging and brain tumors to Alzheimer’s disease and respiratory physiology.

Drs. Todd Golde and Cara Croft collaborate with trainees in the lab.