UF neurologists featured in Clinical Neurology Update

headshots of Michael Jaffee and Yulia Orlova
(From left) Drs. Michael Jaffee and Yulia Orlova

University of Florida neurologists Michael Jaffee, M.D., and Yulia Orlova, M.D., are featured in the April 2022 edition of Clinical Neurology Update, from The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) Group.

Jaffee, vice chair of UF neurology and director of UF’s Brain Injury, Rehabilitation, and Neuroresilience Center, served as editor of the edition and facilitated a roundtable discussion article on the debate surrounding the use of aducanumab, or Aduhelm, to treat early symptomatic Alzheimer’s disease.

Also in the edition, Orlova, a UF assistant professor of neurology, co-authored an article discussing newer treatments for migraine headaches, and Shae Datta, M.D., a former UF neurology fellow, co-authored an article about clinical management for concussion.

Click here to read this edition of Clinical Neurology Update.