Behind the Scenes with Amy Clifton

When Amy Clifton came to work at UF’s department of neuroscience 30 years ago, then-chair Dr. William Luttge was working hard to prepare a grant application to create a brain institute at UF.

UF won the grant, and six years later, in 1998, the MBI opened its doors. Clifton joined Luttge, who became the MBI’s first director, and she has worked in the institute’s administrative office ever since.

In her current role as accountant, Clifton manages property inventory, places orders, pays invoices, prepares deposits, reconciles transactions and requests work orders for the building.

“Amy is a key contributor to the team and takes on a variety of tasks that are needed to allow the MBI to serve the research community,” said Jada Lewis, Ph.D., deputy director of the MBI. “On any given day, her duties can range from sourcing and preparing materials for outreach efforts to helping rearrange an office space. Amy is always up for any task and her ‘can do’ attitude is an inspiration.”

Years at UF: 30

Years at the MBI: 24

A memorable moment: 

UF winning the $18 million grant to build the brain institute! A lot of copies were needed for the grant submission process, so the copier and I became best friends.

I’m inspired by:

My Mom — for her love and support and all of her hard work to raise me. She was funny and kind and always had a smile on her face. She loved everyone, and everyone loved her. She was a fighter to the end.

My friend Shawna — she is not physically well and lives with pain daily, but I have never heard her say she couldn’t do something and just give up. I think of her when I don’t want to do something just because I’m feeling lazy. If she can overcome the pain she is in, I can get this done!

Fun fact:

I was adopted when I was 8 days old. I started drag racing when I was 16 and raced with my aunt and uncle, Nancy and Buddy Abbott. Our family was featured in a magazine, and the writer called us the A-Team (Abbott Team — my aunt and uncle’s last name). I am a big fan of Loretta Lynn, whom I’ve met twice. I have been collecting any and everything Loretta Lynn for years. I even have a pair of her shoes, signed by her.


Amy working at her desk
amy helping out a colleague in the admin office
Amy in her routine of checking equipment
Amy in front of the M-B-I building
Amy in front of the M-B-I sign
a photo of the decorations on Amy's desk