Dr. Adam Woods named co-director of UF’s CAM Center

Dr. Woods
Dr. Adam Woods

By Michelle Jaffee

University of Florida neuroscientist Adam Woods, Ph.D., has been appointed co-director of UF’s Center for Cognitive Aging and Memory Clinical Translational Research (CAM Center), a premier research center focused on discovering interventions to prevent or remediate age-related cognitive decline.

With co-director Sara Burke, Ph.D., who leads the center’s basic science and animal-model research, Woods will lead the human and clinical translational arm of the CAM Center, which builds collaborations among investigators across UF working in areas with potential clinical translational impact on age-related declines in thinking and memory.

Supported by the McKnight Brain Research Foundation, or MBRF, the CAM Center is devoted to alleviating cognitive changes due to the normal aging process that affect the vast majority of people and differ from dementia and other diseases affecting the brain.

edu opps“We are investigating novel methods to remediate age-related declines in thinking and memory and preserve brain health later in life,” said Woods, a professor of clinical and health psychology and associate dean for research at UF’s College of Public Health and Health Professions. “We are trying to improve the cognition of older adults and maintain that ability throughout their lifespan and prevent or ameliorate cognitive impairment — so they can live healthier, longer.”

Woods joined the then-CAM program in 2014 as assistant director. Over the years, the program merged with UF’s Age-Related Memory Loss Program to become the CAM Center, and since 2019, Woods has served as associate director.

In his new role, Woods succeeds founding director Ronald Cohen, Ph.D., who will continue as a CAM investigator and UF professor. Under Cohen’s leadership, the center has grown to include 19 primary investigators and 17 faculty and staff members.

Woods brain stimulation“Dr. Woods is a proven leader and outstanding researcher whose passion and drive for optimizing cognitive function in our elder years will improve the lives of seniors,” Cohen said.

Michael L. Dockery, M.D., chair of the McKnight Brain Research Foundation, said Woods demonstrated strong leadership as associate director of the CAM Center.

“Dr. Woods, through his important and productive research, is making great progress in advancing the knowledge and understanding of age-related cognitive decline and memory loss in order to preserve and maintain brain health in aging,” Dockery said. “He is the perfect choice to assume the co-directorship and to continue the momentum of the clinical translational research component of the CAM Center.”