Gator NeuroScholar: Mehdi Ahmadian

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Department: Physical Therapy

Age: 36

Hometown: Gorgan, Iran

Doctorate from: University of British Columbia

Research focus: Neural control of cardiovascular and respiratory systems and how such neural communications are altered in various disease conditions.

What drives me: A deep curiosity to explore the relationship between the cardiorespiratory system and neurologically mediated conditions. I hope to make meaningful contributions to the field by helping to develop new therapies for people affected by neurological disorders like spinal cord injury.

Something few people know about me: That I am a good cook!

My favorite food: Makaroni, or Persian spaghetti, which has a meat sauce and a crispy top.

In my free time, I like to: Some of my favorite pastimes are hiking, cooking, learning new languages and working out.

“My fascination with the intricate system controlling many bodily functions initially sparked my interest in becoming a neuroscientist. But it was during my Ph.D. studies into spinal cord injury that my passion intensified. Witnessing the profound impact of spinal cord injuries on various bodily functions fueled my determination.”

McKnight Brain Institute

Gator NeuroScholars Highlight Series

This post was published as part of a larger article on Gator NeuroScholars, a new postdoctoral fellowship program. At UF’s McKnight Brain Institute, postdocs come from across the globe, attracted by access to renowned neuroscientists and pioneers in their fields who serve as mentors and by a wide array of leading scientific programs ranging from cognitive aging and brain tumors to Alzheimer’s disease and respiratory physiology.

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