Media coverage of mRNA brain cancer vaccine trial

On May 1 in the journal Cell, MBI researchers published results from a first-ever human clinical trial of four adult patients using an mRNA cancer vaccine that quickly reprogrammed the immune system to attack glioblastoma, the most aggressive and lethal brain tumor.

Below, see a few examples of coverage this study received from top media outlets across the world:

Sayour Cell collage 2Bloomberg: Scientist turns mRNA into cancer-fighting ‘onions’

El País: An experimental vaccine increases survival rates by up to 50% in four people with highly-aggressive brain cancer

First Coast News: Researchers at UF Health in Gainesville are one step closer to finding a cure for cancer

IFL Science: mRNA brain cancer vaccine shows promise in early trials in humans — and dogs

Live Science: New mRNA vaccine for deadly brain cancer triggers a strong immune response

News Nation: Researchers develop vaccine to fight brain cancer

The Gainesville Sun: UF Health scientists make breakthrough in possible cancer treatment

The Independent: New mRNA cancer vaccine triggers immune system to fight aggressive brain tumour

The Times: ‘Fierce immune response’ from vaccine offers hope for glioblastoma

U.S. News & World Report: mRNA vaccine fights deadly brain tumor in small trial

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