Our investigators hope to broaden the understanding of neurological disorders and change them from untreatable to treatable, incurable to curable and inevitable to preventable.

Research Addiction; brain cancer; breathing; psychiatry; aging; neurobehavioral sciences; pain/sensory physiology; TBI, spinal cord injury and stroke

Focus Areas

Faculty More than 200 faculty members across campus work on multidisciplinary teams to better understand how the brain works.


Partners Collaborating with institutes, centers, departments & programs across UF, our mission extends far beyond the MBI’s walls.


MBI News

Parkinson’s review featured on Movement…

Genetic and environmental factors in Parkinson’s converge on immune function and inflammation.

Doctor Tansey next to an image of the Movement Disorders jounral cover. The illustration on the cover details how environmental factor lead to molecular changes which further lead to inflammation neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration

Research Snapshot: Drs. Michael Sunshine and…

Electrical stimulation shows promise for restoring breathing after drug overdose, spinal cord injury in preclinical research.

An abstract diagram, showing a dummy model attahed to wires and lines to pills and a electro frequency recording device

UF awards faculty nearly $1 million to study…

Dr. Duane Mitchell is leading a project to identify barriers to success for Blacks in the biomedical field.


Researchers in the Spotlight

Lewy Body Dementia Grant winners

Five investigators earn grants for pilot studies focused on Lewy body dementia.

congrats winners!

Parkinson’s Disease Needs an Operation Warp…

Dr. Michael Okun authored op-ed in The Daily Beast.

Michael Okun

Dystonia Mini-Moonshot Grant winners

Eight investigators earn internal UF grants for dystonia research.

congrats award winners!

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If you are looking for a way to make a difference, for a way to fight back against addiction; brain cancer; cognitive aging; pain; psychiatric disorders; stroke; traumatic brain and spinal cord injury; and neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, dystonia, Parkinson’s and ALS, then please partner with us in our mission.