Our investigators hope to broaden the understanding of neurological disorders and change them from untreatable to treatable, incurable to curable and inevitable to preventable.

Research Addiction; brain cancer; breathing; psychiatry; aging; neurobehavioral sciences; pain/sensory physiology; TBI, spinal cord injury and stroke

Focus Areas

Faculty More than 200 faculty members across campus work on multidisciplinary teams to better understand how the brain works.


Partners Collaborating with institutes, centers, departments & programs across UF, our mission extends far beyond the MBI’s walls.


MBI News

Research Snapshot: Drs. David Fuller and Sara…

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy shows promise for improving recovery after spinal cord injury in rat-model study.

two comparison images from cells under a microscop. One is very blue and the other is more orange

UF neuroscience students lead creation of new…

New mouse model expresses low levels of a mutant form of tau, a protein associated with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.

headshot of five grad students

UF researchers test novel combination of…

Non-invasive form of electrical stimulation combined with intensive walking rehab found to be safe, feasible in small study for incomplete spinal…

Emily Fox, Kelly Hawkins

Researchers in the Spotlight

Women of Neuro: Dr. Catherine Price

We’re highlighting women leading our neuro research efforts at the University of Florida. Next, we’re highlighting Dr. Catherine Price, the…

portrait of Dr. price next to a body of text that reads:

Paxlovid mouth is real — and gross

Dr. Steven Munger discusses potential causes of a bitter or metallic taste that some experience after taking certain drugs.

Emotions from the acid on the girl's face. Brunette woman eating sour tangerine and wincing

UF brain tumor expert earns Clinical Science…

Dr. Duane Mitchell received UF College of Medicine award given for research that has an impact on patient care.

Dr. Duane Mitchell Lab

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If you are looking for a way to make a difference, for a way to fight back against addiction; brain cancer; cognitive aging; pain; psychiatric disorders; stroke; traumatic brain and spinal cord injury; and neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, dystonia, Parkinson’s and ALS, then please partner with us in our mission.