About Us

m-b-i big group photo in front of the building

Welcome to the Evelyn F. and William L. McKnight Brain Institute of the University of Florida, also known as the MBI. Here you will find details about our outstanding neuroscience and neuromedicine research. Collectively, our investigators hope their research will make a difference for those who suffer from disorders of the brain including neurodegenerative diseases, brain cancers, addictive and psychiatric diseases, stroke, acute spinal cord injuries and brain injuries as well as memory loss associated with normal aging.

The MBI is a nexus for neuroscience at the University of Florida. Across the UF campus, more than 200 faculty members work in multidisciplinary teams to better understand how the brain works and how various diseases alter brain function. Ultimately these researchers and physician-scientists hope to help broaden the understanding of many neurological and psychiatric disorders and change them from untreatable to treatable, incurable to curable and inevitable to preventable.

The MBI building houses several “neuro” departments of the UF College of Medicine with major investments and research in the neurosciences and neuromedicine. However, the mission of the MBI extends well beyond the walls of this building. Other departments and centers with concentrations of neuroscience research are spread across the campus. The MBI supports our affiliated departments, centers and numerous neuroscience research programs on the UF campus — one of few campuses in the United States that boasts all six health professional schools: medicine, dentistry, nursing, veterinary medicine, public health and pharmacy.

In December 2017, the UF Health Neuromedicine hospital opened its doors, and we are working hard to create more synergy within our translational research programs. By investing in programmatic team science, we hope to continue our growth, furthering our connections between research at the lab bench and care at the bedside.

We are proud of our neuroscience research programs and the numerous training opportunities provided within the MBI-supported departments, programs and centers. We are always looking for new ways to engage our internal and external stakeholders. We are looking forward to engaging the community through new venues that will help to promote neuroscience and neuromedicine research on the UF campus.

The MBI is creating a broader umbrella for neuromedicine and neuroscience research at UF — efforts that will further elevate our research and our education programs. We’re excited about the future, and we’re glad you’ve stopped by to learn about the MBI.