Media Member Resources

If you are media member seeking an expert to answer neuro-related inquiries, please fill out the form below or contact a member of our team. Student reporters should email a member of our team in lieu of the form below.

Todd Taylor

Associate Director Of Communications
Phone: (352) 265-9423

Michelle K Jaffee

Phone: (210) 722-0463

Visiting UF Health

  • The safety and privacy of our patients at UF Health is our organization’s top priority, and our policy mandates that every reporter be escorted when visiting our campus. Journalists who arrive unexpectedly will be met by security staff and asked to contact the media team to plan a future visit, so please be sure to reach out to us so we can coordinate your visit.
  • Before you come to UF Health, a staff member will instruct you where to park your vehicle. Reporters are not permitted to park their vehicles in garages or areas reserved for patients. UF Health Communications staff members are unable to validate parking for vehicles in patient parking areas or garages. Reporters will be responsible for any and all parking fees or tickets issued to their vehicles in patient parking garages.

Regarding Patients

  • In addition to an expectation of privacy by all patients and visitors at UF Health, the privacy rights of all patients is protected under federal law by HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. Members of the media team must secure written permission from patients, as required, in advance of any onsite interviews with patients or their health care providers.

For more information about any of the above, please visit the UF Health Media Resources page.

Media Request Form

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
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  • Please indicate the media outlet you are working with. If you are not on assignment but are intending to pitch your story, please let us know where you’re pitching it. If you are a student reporter, please email us.
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  • Please describe your story/topic and your request. Detail can be helpful in securing a source — relevant links, potential interview questions, etc.
  • We ask this to avoid duplicating effort.
  • The communications team strives to fulfill all requests, but may not be able to accommodate all of them. Timing of promotion will depend on volume of requests, amount of advanced notice, etc.