Executive Committee

Golde 2
Director of the 1Florida Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, Professor of neuroscience
Deputy Director of the McKnight Brain Institute
Professor of neurology
Dr. Bizon
Associate chair and professor of neuroscience, Member of the Age-Related Memory Loss program
Dr. Borchelt
Director of the SantaFe Health Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, Professor of neuroscience
Dr. Cohen
Director of the Center for Cognitive Aging and Memory Clinical Translational Research (CAM Center), Professor of clinical and health psychology, neurology and psychiatry
Dr. Michael Jaffee
Director of the Trauma, Concussion and Sports Neuromedicine (TRACS) program, Vice Chair and associate professor, department of neurology
Professor of neuroscience, Coordinator of the Neuroscience Concentration for the Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Carol Mathews
Director of the Center for OCD, Anxiety and Related Disorders, Professor of psychiatry
Dr. Duane Mitchell
Co-director of the Preston A. Wells Jr. Center for Brain Tumor Therapy, Director of the UF Brain Tumor Immunotherapy Program, Professor of neurosurgery
Dr. Mitchell
Director of the Center for Respiratory Research and Rehabilitation, Professor of physical therapy
Dr. Lance McMahon
Chair and professor of pharmacodynamics
Dr. Kevin Otto
Associate professor of biomedical engineering
Dr. Laura Ranum
Director of the Center for NeuroGenetics, Professor of molecular genetics and microbiology
Dr. David Vaillancourt
Professor of applied physiology and kinesiology