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Much has changed in the world and at our university, but COVID-19 did not change the need for solutions to medical, environmental, social and other challenges that are immune to the demands of the coronavirus.

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Mbi Covid-19 News and Media

Obesity’s role in cardiovascular disease and stroke

Dr. Alexis Simpkins co-authored JAHA commentary analyzing a study linking body fat to cardiovascular disease and stroke risk.

Prolonged brain dysfunction in COVID-19 survivors

In The Conversation, Dr. Chris Robinson discusses COVID’s impact on the body after acute symptoms have resolved.

Precision therapeutic targets for COVID-19

In review, UF neuroscience and neurosurgery graduate students emphasize need for targeted antiviral drugs to combat COVID-19.

What is an mRNA vaccine?

Brain cancer researcher Dr. Elias Sayour lent his expertise on mRNA vaccines’ role to prevent COVID-19 infection for a UF Health-produced animation.