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Much has changed in the world and at our university, but COVID-19 did not change the need for solutions to medical, environmental, social and other challenges that are immune to the demands of the coronavirus.

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UF researchers to study long-term impact of COVID-19 stressors

Under $1.1 million NIH grant, study will analyze impact of COVID-19 stressors on alcohol use and long-term well-being in older adults.

COVID-19 and risk of acute ischemic stroke in elderly

Dr. Alexis Simpkins co-authored a Neurology editorial analyzing a study into risk of ischemic stroke for seniors diagnosed with COVID.

Sleep-related hypoxia’s impact COVID-19 outcomes

Dr. Michael Jaffee weighs in on Cleveland Clinic study in Neurology Today review.

An unvaccinated man met a doctor at a bar. He left agreeing to get his first dose.

The Washington Post featured Dr. Duane Mitchell for his role in spreading the vaccination message.