MBI Travel Awards

The MBI will accept requests to offset the faculty and trainee costs associated with presenting at conferences with a primary focus on central and peripheral nervous system function.

Attendees and if appropriate, primary mentors, must be MBI members, and be a presenting author at a national or international academic conference. The MBI will support no more than $1,000 travel per trainee in one fiscal year and no more than $3,000 over a three-year period per faculty member; however, this can be divided over multiple conference requests. Students must have exhausted funding from other University of Florida sources and both fellows and students must have applied for travel awards from the conference itself, as available.

We do not fund workshop attendance or presentations at workshops or similar events. Additionally, we do not fund meals or per diems. Individuals who have received at least $10,000 in MBI funding within the past fiscal year are not eligible to apply for this award.

Below are the campus sources of funds which are expected to be exhausted, as applicable, before MBI will cover travel-related expenses:

Priority will be given to trainee requests. Although trainees can request funds for poster presentation, faculty can only request funding for a platform presentation at a national or international conference. On a limited basis, the MBI Education and Outreach Committee will review applications from undergraduates who are presenting at a major scientific meeting.

An acknowledgement of MBI support will be expected in conference presentation.

Allowable expenses include:

  • Conference registration
  • Transportation (air and ground)
  • Lodging