MBI Grant Supplement

Anticipated Funding:

We anticipate awarding supplemental research funds to faculty, doctoral students or fellows who have currently existing independent extramural support. Requests for up to $10,000 will be considered which can be used for salary, fringe, tuition and supplies/animals as needed and as allowed by the applicant’s current support mechanism. Awardees who make substantial progress in the first year of funding will be considered for a second year of funding.


The following individuals with MBI affiliated laboratories are eligible:

  • M.D./Ph.D. or other combination doctoral students
  • M.D. students
  • Ph.D. students
  • Postdoctoral fellows
  • Clinical fellows — if funds other than salary are requested, detailed justification of the support will be needed
  • Assistant professors


  • Applicant does not have independent extramural funding
  • Applicant has had or currently has R01-level funding
  • Assistant Scientists and Masters students
  • Anybody who is not doing neuroscience related research

Application Procedure:

To apply, submit the following as a single PDF (filename: Last Name_MBIF.pdf) by email to secretary@mbi.ufl.edu with “McKnight Brain Institute Grant Supplement” in subject heading. USE NIH FORMAT FOR ALL FORMS

  • Copy of the funded grant
  • Copy of the summary statement and Notice of Grant Award
  • No budget required. Detailed budget will be generated following successful award
  • A single PDF must be received by one month before your anticipated date of need.

Award Criteria:

  • Quality of the Applicant (and lab, if applicable)
  • Quality of the Science
  • Amount of extramural funds obtained (individuals with the largest grants for their stage of independence will be more favorably viewed)