MBI Research Fellowships

Anticipated Funding:

We anticipate awarding one-year fellowships to two doctoral students and one fellow to begin in July 1, 2018. Awards for doctoral students, post-doctoral fellows and clinical fellows will be for $25,000 which can be used for salary, fringe and tuition as needed. Recipients will be announced by June 1, 2018. Awardees who make substantial progress in the first year of funding will be considered for a second year of funding.

Stay tuned for the next application deadline.


The following individuals with MBI affiliated laboratories are eligible:

  • D./Ph.D. or other combination doctoral students
  • D. students
  • Postdoctoral fellows
  • Clinical fellows — if funds other than salary are requested, detailed justification of the support will be needed.


  • You may not receive this award if you are covered by an NIA/NIH supplement, T32, F30, F31 or F32 fellowship.
  • Assistant Scientist, Masters students, or anybody who is not doing neuroscience related research.
  • If you accept another fellowship during the funding period, the MBI award will immediately terminate.

Application Procedure:

Stay tuned for the next application deadline.

To apply, submit the following as a single PDF (filename: Last Name_MBIF.pdf) by email to secretary@mbi.ufl.edu with “McKnight Brain Institute Fellowship Application” in subject heading. USE NIH FORMAT FOR ALL FORMS

  • Title page: with your name, mentor’s name and title of proposed research.
  • A 2-page research proposal (Specific Aims, Significance, Impact, Brief Experimental Approach).
  • NIH style biosketch of the trainee (no more than two pages).
  • NIH style biosketch of the mentor(s) (no more than four pages).
  • Mentoring plan from the mentor(s) including plan for career advancement and submission of fellowship/training grants to support the trainee. (no more than one page).
  • Additional support available in the mentor’s laboratory (no more than one page).
  • Letter of recommendation by applicant’s mentor
  • No budget required. Detailed budget will be generated following successful award.

Award Criteria:

  • Quality of the applicant (and lab, if applicable). It is important for applicant’s laboratory to have sufficient funding to support the trainee’s research.
  • Quality of the science
  • Mentoring plan and resources available to the mentor (if applicable)