Eligibility & Application


Typically, new trainees will be entering their second or third year of their Ph.D. program, but students at other points in their programs may be considered

  • Be enrolled in one of the two affiliated training programs (Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program or Clinical Health Psychology).
  • Have successfully completed two semesters of coursework in their home program, maintained at least a B average in their coursework, and otherwise be in good standing in their graduate program.
  • Have been accepted into a BMS or CHP Program Faculty Laboratory for dissertation research (see website for mentor directory). To inquire about participating faculty or to become a mentor, please contact Drs. Jada Lewis (lewis@ufl.edu) or Jen Bizon (bizonj@ufl.edu).
  • Intend to conduct dissertation research focused on Alzheimer’s disease or related dementias.
  • Be otherwise T32-eligible by NIH rules (e.g., U.S. citizen or green card holder).
  • Be willing to complete all requirements of the ADRD Training Program.
Individuals accepted into this training program must complete the following courses either before joining or while a member of the program:

NEW (Fall): Comprehensive perspectives on ADRD
Grant Writing (GMS 5905 or equivalent)
Statistics & Experimental Design (PHC6050, STA6166 or CLP 6527)
Research Ethics (GMS 7877 or equivalent)
Seminar (GMS 6792 or equivalent)