Trainee Application

  • The personal statement should include career goals and how the T32 training program will allow you to reach those goals (the statement itself should not be longer than 1 page).
  • Should not be longer than 1 page.
  • Drop files here or
    Unofficial is fine for application, but official will be needed before start date.
  • After your submit this form, be sure to request the following from faculty members:

    • A letter of support from your mentor. This letter must include an explicit statement agreeing to support the trainee’s participation in all ADRD Training Program activities. (should not exceed 2 pages)
    • A letter of support from another faculty member at UF; this can be a member of your committee, a course director/instructor or a collaborator.
    • A brief letter from your Department Chair affirming his/her commitment to ensure necessary financial support for you to complete your degree after the period of ADRD financial support has ended in the event that your mentor no longer has funding.