McKnight Brain Institute Membership

As the MBI continues its mission to create a broader umbrella for neuroscience and neuromedicine research at UF and beyond, we are pleased to announce an enhanced, online membership process.

Please note that both new and existing MBI members need to complete the new online process, which requires you to log in with your GatorLink credentials and only takes about five minutes to complete.

MBI members support our mission by fostering new collaborations among our vast array of research areas, helping to strengthen research, broaden our impact and secure grant funding. Membership is open to UF faculty, fellows, residents, graduate/undergraduate students and research staff.

For current and new MBI members, click here to create your new online profile.


Exclusive faculty member benefits include:

  • An MBI Membership Directory listing: We will create a searchable, public-facing directory that highlights your research interests, displays your professional headshot and links to your department profile.
  • Opportunities to serve on MBI committees, which support the growth and direction of neuroscience and neuromedicine research at UF. Click here to see our current executive committee members.

Benefits for all MBI members include:

MBI faculty members are encouraged to declare indirect costs (IDCs) to the MBI at the time of grant awards. We also ask members to please include the MBI in their affiliations on all publications to allow us to accurately track and report on all of our successes.

Thank you for becoming an MBI member to help expand the reach of our work across campus and beyond. We look forward to continued collaboration with you.

For current and new MBI members, click here to create your new online profile.