Email an MBI Listserv


  • You must be part of the UF community to email our listservs.
  • All emails must be relevant to the MBI community.
  • Only one email may be sent for each event, with exceptions for unforeseen changes to events requiring updates.
  • Send messages with as much lead time as possible to allow for review.
  • Please do not send calendar invites to our listservs.
  • For recurring events, such as seminars, grand rounds and lectures, we encourage sending one or two emails per month that highlight multiple upcoming events in the series. In your message, you are welcome to encourage members to sign up for more frequent notices through an alternate listserv.
  • Emails must include a signature tag with your name, affiliation, location and e-mail address. 
  • Please do not send commercial messages to any listserv.


  1. Write your email announcement and include all applicable information, i.e., links, attachments, etc.
  2. Send your email to the most applicable listserv. To do this, simply address your email directly to that listserv.
  3. If your message meets the guidelines listed above, the MBI administrative team will send out your message.

MBI Listservs

  • Seminars & Events: MBI-FF-L@LISTS.UFL.EDU
    • If your seminar/event/lecture series/grand rounds occurs more than once a month, please curate your events into one email and then send it to the listerv.
    • For sending relevant information such as funding opportunities and course offerings to MBI members (faculty, staff and students affiliated with the MBI).