Member Communications Resources

Professional Headshots

Any UF Health-affiliated faculty, fellow, resident or non-student staff member who needs a new or updated headshot can have one made with an appointment at the Creative Services Production Studio in the Communicore. This is a free service provided by our UF Health Creative Services team. Graduate and undergraduate students interested in headshots can contact the UF Career Connections Center.

Mcknight Brain Institute faculty members

Request Publicity

Are you about to publish a high-impact paper, earn a large grant or a receive a prestigious award? Please let us know before you do, and we’ll work with you to find the best way to publicize it.

Doctor Gordon Mitchell being interviewed by the press

Uf HEalth Web Services

Update your UF Health Directory listing

The UF Health Web Directory contains information on all UF Health-related persons, regardless of their location or affiliation. The directory contains powerful search capabilities, along with the ability to easily update and manage most of your profile information (after logging in).

screenshot of the U-F Health Directory