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Download MBI logos

Faculty, students and staff may download the institute's logo for use in academic presentations, research papers and other official communications. Please adhere to our logo usage guidelines, ensuring that the logo is represented accurately and consistently in all materials. By maintaining the integrity of our logo, you help uphold the image and reputation of the MBI. Please ensure that the logo is used as provided, without any modifications, and in contexts that reflect the institute's values and objectives.

M-B-I official logo in three variations: White, Black, and blue and orange


Discover a collection of valuable tips and templates tailored for the user-friendly graphic design platform, To make the most of these resources, consider setting up a complimentary account and explore their enriching tutorials.

Presentation Flyer

Website Featured Image

MBI Zoom Backgrounds

To use the Zoom backgrounds below, right click on the image and select “Open Image in New Tab” for a PC or “View Image” for a Mac. Save the image to your desktop.

To upload the image in Zoom, open a meeting. In the bottom left-hand corner select the arrow above the video icon and select “Choose Virtual Background.” Select the + icon and upload the downloaded image.

MBI Zoom Background of building in daytime
Fixel Zoom Background
Deptartment Neuroscience Zoom Background
Department of Neurosurgery Zoom background
MBI Zoom Background at night
MBI Zoom Background black and white
Psychiatry Zoom Background
Neurology Zoom Background

Creating your own graphics in Canva

Canva offers a user-friendly interface that empowers individuals to create professional-quality designs without the need for advanced graphic design skills. Its vast library of templates, graphics, and fonts allows for versatility and customization, making design accessible to everyone.

Social Media Graphics Sizing Suggestions

Platform Description Suggested Size (pixels)
Facebook Profile Picture 180 x 180
Facebook Cover Photo 1640 x 624
Facebook Shared Image 1200 x 630
Facebook Shared Link 1200 x 630
Facebook Event Cover Image 1920 x 1080
Twitter Profile Picture 400 x 400
Twitter Header Image 1500 x 500
Twitter Image Post 1024 x 512
LinkedIn Profile Picture 400 x 400
LinkedIn Personal Background Image/ Cover Image 1584 x 396
Zoom Background 1920 x 1080

UF Health Website Platforms

Platform DESCRIPTION Suggested Size (pixels) Tips
Apollo 1 Half-Width Image 450 x 305
Apollo 1 Full-Width Image 930 x 325 1. When adding the image in, check the full-width image option. 2. If you have all the desired information on the graphic, check “Disable Image Captions”.
Apollo 1 Story Stacker Image 630 x 305
Apollo 2 Featured Image 1200 x 800 When posting a link to social, this is the image that will show up.
Apollo 2 Featured Event (Calendar) 1200 x 800 Leave the bottom 1/3 of the image or graphic simple to allow block formatting