Photo Gallery

The images in the gallery below can be used for MBI-related communications.

If you are using the photo in a print piece, make sure you are using a high-resolution file that will not appear blurry. To download high resolution versions of these images, right click on any thumbnail and select Open Link in New Window or Save Image As. Then save the image.

Want to use your own photos?

Please be sure not to use any photos that include patients or protected health information (PHI). If you have a photo of a patient who has expressed interest in allowing you to use it for promotional purposes, please connect with the MBI Communications Team to have the patient complete a UF Health patient authorization form before you use it.

building picture
MBI team
building feature
Doctor holding a vial with liquid
Dr. Matt Hamm
Dr. Lorena de Mena Alvarez
UF Health has been named one of four Parkinson’s Foundation Research Centers of Excellence.
Drs. Laura Ranum and Lien Nguyen
Hands working in a vent
Dr. Arash Tadjalli's equipment
delayed-gratification reserach
Malu Tansey Lab
Researchers working with a machine
Malu Tansey Lab Photos
researcher analyzing a sample under a microscope
MBI night mobile
MBI scanner
Dr. Adrienn Varga lab
Dr. Lorena de Mena Alvarez
aerial view
Dr. Ellen Terry conducting research with colleagues in the lab.
Nobel immunotherapy
researcher doing word
researcher working
Dr. Lorena de Mena Alvarez working in the lab
Flores brain tumor immunotherapy
Ranum - Neuron paper
Neural scan
researcher working with a machine in the lab