Create a Professional Facebook Page

There are several reasons why we recommend creating a professional page. First, it allows you to create a separate presence, this way, you can avoid oversaturating your family and friends with the promotion of your work, while also refraining from accidentally sharing your pet videos with your professional audience. Professional pages also allow access to analytics that personal profiles do not offer, unlimited friend counts and the ability for UF pages to tag you in content.

1. Open your web browser and navigate to the home page. Click the “Create a Page for a celebrity, band or business” link under the “Sign Up” button. If you already have a Facebook account, sign out of it to view this home page.  

Facebook sign-up page with link to create professional page highlighted

2. Select the “Community or Public Figure” option.

3. Log in using your personal Facebook account information.

4. Enter your name and academic degrees in the “Page Name” field. In the category field, select the category that best describes your professional practice.  

5. Upload a profile photo and a cover photo. Choose an image of yourself, or one that represents the research you are doing and make sure your brand and personality shine through. This is especially important for your profile photo, as this will be the first photo Facebook users see while searching for you, or pages like yours.

6. Enter a short description of your professional practice or business on the “About” page in the box with the label that reads, “Please provide some basic info about Your Name” — where “Your Name” is the name and credentials you used to create the professional account. Enter information about your education, experience or any other relevant information about your research/practice.  

7. Enter your lab, department or center website address in the small box provided for that purpose. Click the “Save Info” button.  

8. Enter a Facebook Web address word for your professional account. We suggest using your name and academic degree(s), if possible. You must enter a unique name and one not already in use on the Facebook network. If you enter a Facebook Web address word already in use, Facebook prompts you enter a new one. Click the “Set Address” button to finish setting up your professional Facebook account and display its new profile page.  

9. Invite everyone you know to like your page!