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Obesity’s role in cardiovascular disease and…

Dr. Alexis Simpkins co-authored JAHA commentary analyzing a study linking body fat to cardiovascular disease and stroke risk.

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Prolonged brain dysfunction in COVID-19 survivors

In The Conversation, Dr. Chris Robinson discusses COVID’s impact on the body after acute symptoms have resolved.

Dr. Ellen Terry conducting research with colleagues in the lab.

Latest on Parkinson’s treatment, research…

Dr. Michael Okun co-authored wide-ranging review of Parkinson’s disease.

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Toffler Scholar Spotlight: Adithya Gopinath

Learn about the research and experiences of Adithya Gopinath, who earned Toffler Scholar Research and Leadership awards in 2020.

Adithya in the lab

Sleep saboteurs

In Ocala Style Magazine, Dr. Michael Jaffee discusses the importance of sleep on brain health and offers advice for better sleep.

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Steve’s journey: From stroke to recovery

Learn how members of the UF Health Comprehensive Stroke Center team helped an Alachua County sheriff recover after suffering a stroke.

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