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Research Snapshot: Drs. Nikhil Urs and Nicole...

Study provides insight into how drug molecules may bind to dopamine D1 receptors.

The image illustrates interactions of small molecule compounds in the D1 receptor binding pocket.

Undergrads advocate for Alzheimer’s

Biomedical engineering students highlight progress in research collaboration between Drs. Marcelo Febo and Juan Nino.

computer screen displaying an M-R-I image of a brain

Researchers In the spotlight

Artists work next to doctors to help with healing...

The Norman Fixel Institute and Dr. Okun among those featured for PBS NewsHour segment on arts in medicine.

doctor michael okun pointing at a painting

UF neuroscientist receives UF Excellence Award

Dr. Stefan Prokop earns annual award from Office of the Provost for excellence in research.

stefan prokop in the lab holding a scalpel and working on something that the view cannot see

Women of Neuro: Dr. Sara Jo Nixon

We’re highlighting women leading our neuro research efforts at the University of Florida. Next, we're highlighting Dr. Sara Jo Nixon, the director...

Sara Jo Nixon, director of the center for Addiction Research & Education: "To me, true leadership means not backing down when faced with persistent challenges and modeling that perseverance. It means welcoming difficult questions and encouraging critical thinking in order to build a foundation that will lead us to exceptional innovation. Ultimately, success comes from meeting your own expectations — take time to know what those expectations are."

Features & Video Highlights

MBI Rising Stars

A video series highlighting up-and-coming neuro researchers at the University of Florida.

M-B-I's newest rising star: Adythia Gopinath

MBI Behind the Scenes

It takes a village to keep the MBI research community running smoothly. We’re highlighting some of the key staff members driving our efforts.

 BTS Felecia

UF Women of Neuro

We are highlighting some of the incredible women leading our neuro research initiatives at UF. Check out some of our fearless leaders below!

"Being a leader in this field provides an opportunity to help pave the way for the next generation of female scientists. It's so important to have examples of female leadership, not only to have diverse voices in the room, but also to show that it is possible to balance work and family life."

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