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MRI study unveils key details of brain’s…

Findings provide a more complete picture of systems for waste removal from the brain.

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UF experts lead special issue of Experimental…

Dr. Gordon Mitchell served as an editor for an intermittent hypoxia-focused issue of the journal Experimental Neurology.

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Research Snapshot: Drs. Wolfgang Streit and…

Postmortem brain study suggests possible trigger for Alzheimer’s-related pathology.

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Researchers In the spotlight

STAT: Deep Brain Stimulation

Dr. Michael Okun featured in story highlighting the expanding field of brain stimulation for conditions from movement disorders to addiction.

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The curious case of cannabis

The work of Drs. Jennifer Bizon and Barry Setlow exploring cannabis’ possible impact on age-related cognitive function highlighted in Physiologist…

Doctors Jennifer Bizon and Barry Setlow

Women of Neuro: Dr. Sara Burke

We’re highlighting women leading our neuro research efforts at the University of Florida. Next, we’re highlighting Dr. Sara Burke, the associate…

Photo of doctor Sara Burke next to a graphic that reads, "University of Florida: Women of Neuro. ""It is incredibly important for researchers in the neurobiology of aging field to foster an interest among trainees from marginalized groups and first-generation students. There is still a lot of progress to be made to understand and treat cognitive aging. Our field will be better equipped to tackle unsolved problems if we are listening to a broad range of diverse and interdisciplinary perspectives." - Sara Burke, p-h-D, Associate Director of the Center for Cognitive Aging and Memory

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