MBI Behind the Scenes

It takes a village to keep the MBI research community running smoothly. We’re highlighting some of the key staff members driving our efforts.

July 2022

Jens Rosenberg

As the facility manager of the human imaging core at AMRIS, Rosenberg oversees the operation of two 3T MRI scanners.

Rosenberg sits at the M-R-I control desk with brain scans pulled up on the computer behind him

April 2022

Amy Clifton

In her current role as accountant, Clifton has been a dedicated staff member at UF for 30 years.

amy clifton working at. her desk

February 2022

Audrey Natwick

Over her eight-plus years as a policy and planning analyst, the number of T32 grants developed has more than doubled.

Audrey working outside at a picnic table

October 2021

Greta Walker

For more than 20 years, Greta Walker has faithfully served UF in her current role as a custodian for the MBI.

Greta poses outside the M-B-I building

May 2021

Kevin Hanson

For more than two decades, Kevin Hanson has served the UF research community, and in 2014, he began his current role as an application developer analyst.

Kevin Hanson working on his computer

April 2021

Felecia Milton

Felecia Milton has served the UF neuroscience research community for more than 20 years, and in 2009, she began her current role as an administrative specialist with the MBI

Felecia smiles up from her computer