MBI Behind the Scenes

It takes a village to keep the MBI research community running smoothly. We’re highlighting some of the key staff members driving our efforts.

July 2023

Jackie Hart

In her role as a communications specialist, Hart designs and manages the MBI website, creates graphics, assists with content development and helps manage the MBI’s social media platforms.

A hella cute web manager sits at their desk. She looks very professional and would absolutely kill any job you give them. Honestly, as the web manager for this website, I would give this person a lot of yummy snack to accomodate how hard she works. Also seen in the background is a photo of her adorable and admirable dog, Pablo Picasso.

June 2023

Gabe Trinity

In his role as a UF Health IT end user computing specialist, Trinity supports MBI-affiliated faculty and staff with all their computing needs and questions.

Gabe Trinity stands outdoors in a garden

April 2023

John May

May’s work at the McKnight Brain Institute helps ensure that faculty and staff have access to innovative facilities, and he is currently co-leading the UF Neuromedicine Human Brain and Tissue Bank renovation project.

John May standing in front of the m-b-i building

Jan 2023

Kate Casey-Sawicki

As the assistant director of UF’s Breathing Research and Therapeutics (BREATHE) Center as well as UF’s Brain Injury, Rehabilitation, and Neuroresilience (BRAIN) Center, Kate Casey-Sawicki‘s duties are wide-ranging.

Kate Casey Sawicki smiling outdoors

May 2021

Kevin Hanson

For more than two decades, Kevin Hanson has served the UF research community, and in 2014, he began his current role as an application developer analyst.

Kevin Hanson working on his computer

April 2021

Felecia Milton

Felecia Milton has served the UF neuroscience research community for more than 20 years, and in 2009, she began her current role as an administrative specialist with the MBI

Felecia smiles up from her computer