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Thanks to our collaborations with institutes, centers, departments and programs across the UF campus and beyond, and the support of our philanthropic partners, the MBI is one of the nation’s top neuroscience research institutes.

centers & institutes

ADRC logo
The 1Florida ADRC is a consortium of Florida institutions — Mount Sinai Medical Center, UF, FAU, FIU and the University of Miami. Their team evaluates people with and without memory disorders and other thinking problems for diagnosis and participation in research studies. Under the supervision of the FDA, they test new medicines to research their effectiveness on Alzheimer’s.
Center for Addiction Research
Addiction and related disorders represent a significant threat to individuals, families and their communities. It is only through the collaborative efforts of diverse programmatic research that we can understand the contributing processes and define more effective prevention, intervention and recovery programs.
cognitive aging
The CAM’s mission is to conduct interdisciplinary clinical neuroscience and translational research on age-associated cognitive, behavioral and emotional functioning, factors that contribute to impairments and functional decline, and future avenues for intervention.
The CNG integrates molecular, genetic and clinical approaches to define the causes of neurodegenerative disease and develop effective treatment strategies.
Over 30 percent of adults and adolescents have experienced an anxiety disorder at some time in their lives. COARD is an interdisciplinary group of researchers and clinicians who conduct clinical and translational research in obsessive compulsive and anxiety disorders.
Respiratory research
The CRRR’s mission is to create a world-renowned program devoted to understanding physiological challenges to respiratory motor control in health and disease, and to translate our knowledge into strategies of respiratory rehabilitation in devastating clinical disorders that compromise breathing.
The UFCST is organized as a University-wide center to coordinate and promote basic and applied research and education in the chemical senses across traditional academic boundaries. The UFCST applies this broad knowledge base to create a unique opportunity to advance discovery, application, and education in the chemical senses that can serve the state, the Southeast, and the nation.
The CTRND is a multi-disciplinary research center focused on the discovery, development and evaluation of future treatments and diagnostics for degenerative central nervous system conditions including Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, frontotemporal lobar degeneration, Parkinson’s disease and stroke.
CTSI Biorepository
The mission of the CTSI is to improve human health by accelerating the translation of scientific discoveries and the implementation of evidence-based best practices for the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and cure of human disease.
The primary research mission of the UFGI is to promote and enhance interactive genetics research across the UF campus. The UFGI is built on a foundation of outstanding genetics research programs already in existence across UF in such diverse fields as medicine, agriculture, chemistry and engineering.
The mission of the Institute on Aging is to improve the health, independence and quality of life of older adults by means of interdisciplinary teams in the areas of research, education and health care.
Fixel institute
The Fixel Institute is home to scientists and clinicians working on neurological disorders that afflict millions of people across the globe. These conditions include Parkinson’s, dystonia and other movement disorders, Alzheimer’s and dementias, concussion, TBI and neuromuscular disorders like ALS.
Dr. Mitchell & Team
The Preston A. Wells, Jr. Center is the hub for some of the brightest minds in the fields of neuro-oncology, neurosurgery and radiation oncology. Leading researchers and their teams collaborate with physicians who have dedicated their entire careers to finding a cure for brain cancer.
Cancer Center
The mission of the UFHCC is to prevent, detect, treat and ultimately cure cancer while addressing the unique challenges of the cancer burden faced by the population we serve.
Anna Khanna
Certified by The Joint Commission due to advanced imaging capabilities, 24/7 availability of specialized treatments and staff with unique education and competency standards, the stroke center also boasts a robust research component, including an array of clinical trials available to patients.

McKnight Brain Research Foundation


Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Research Foundation

In 1999, a generous gift from the McKnight Brain Research Foundation led to a new name for the University of Florida’s Brain Institute — the Evelyn F. & William L. McKnight Brain Institute of the University of Florida. Evelyn F. McKnight and her husband William M. McKnight were interested in the effects of aging on memory, which inspired the establishment of the foundation as a legacy of support for research of the brain to alleviate the specific influence of age-related memory loss.

Philanthropic Partners

Einstein Foundation
Founded in 1967, the Albert E. and Birdie W. Einstein Fund’s mission is to further the work of worthwhile organizations and charitable causes, and to wisely shepherd the resources bestowed to the fund through the generosity of the fund’s founders.
Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation is changing the lives of children with cancer by funding impactful research, raising awareness, supporting families and empowering everyone to help cure childhood cancer. ALSF has funded nearly 1,000 cutting-edge research projects at 135 institutions in the U.S. and Canada and supported families through much needed programs like “Travel For Care,” that helps make cutting-edge treatments accessible to children.
brain 5k cancer awareness
Based in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, the Brain Cancer Awareness 5K is dedicated to raising awareness about gliobslatoma, the most aggressive form of cancer that begins within the brain.
fraternal eagles
The mission of the Fraternal Order of Eagles — an international non-profit organization with a local chapter in Gainesville — is to unite fraternally in the spirit of liberty, truth, justice and equality to make human life more desirable by lessening its ills and promoting peace, prosperity, gladness and hope.
Harry T. Mangurian Jr. Foundation
A developer in Florida and New York, Mangurian owned the NBA’s Boston Celtics and was a longtime horse racing leader with a farm in Ocala. Although he and his wife, Dorothy, passed away, his foundation supports reserach at UF Health, investing in studies of leukemia and Lewy body dementia.
The Jamie Chapin Foundation is devoted to raising brain cancer awareness, supporting research and helping families battling the disease. The foundation hosts an annual fundraiser in memory of Chapin, a former Gators lacrosse team captain who fought a battle against brain cancer.
Lauren and Lee Fixel Family Foundation
While Lee Fixel is best known for his success with technology start-up investments, he and his wife, Lauren, are also generous philanthropists. A gift from their foundation established the Norman Fixel Institute for Neurological Diseases at UF Health, an institute focused on advancing research, technological innovation and clinical care for Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.
Lillian S. Wells Foundation
Barbara Wells is renowned for her dedication to improving lives through the arts, health care, human services and education. A generous gift from the Lillian S. Wells Foundation, led to UF’s Department of Neurosurgery being named for her grandmother, Lillian. This infusion and her other gifts catapulted the capabilities and stature of that team’s research and treatment enterprise.
rock by the sea logo
Founded in Tallahassee, Rock by the Sea is dedicated to organizing music festivals and events where they raise money to assist deserving charities who provide direct services to those in need.
The Art of Medicine Foundation was founded by Ken LaRoe and his wife Cindy LaRoe, MD. after Cindy sustained a brain injury in a competitive biking accident in 2011. The injury prevented her temporarily from being able to move her legs or read and caused her to have seizures. It also led her down a path of discovering her artistic talents. LaRoe found painting therapeutic during her recovery, and hopes her talent can raise awareness and money for others with brain injuries.
facial pain research foundation logo
Headquartered in Gainesville, the Facial Pain Research Foundation supports scientists worldwide to research and work on innovative ideas and approaches to find a cure for trigeminal neuralgia and other neuropathic facial pain.
ReMission_Harris Rosen
The Harris Rosen Foundation
Harris Rosen is heralded for his investments in underserved communities. His efforts transform lives by expanding opportunities for families in two of Orlando’s struggling neighborhoods. A generous gift from his foundation served as the cornerstone to launch and support the ReMission Alliance Against Brain Tumors, a collaborative initiative led by UF that will unite world-leading neuro-oncology physicians and scientists in dynamic research and clinical trials.
tylers hope logo
Tyler’s Hope Foundation was established to advance research for a cure, discover effective treatments and to promote awareness and education of dystonia. In 2008, the UF Center for Movement Disorders and Neurorestoration was designated as the first Tyler’s Hope Center for Comprehensive Dystonia Care.
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