Request to Create a Lab Page

In an effort to increase research visibility and communication, the McKnight Brain Institute’s communications team is offering MBI faculty members the opportunity to create individual lab pages that will be stored on the MBI website. Lab pages will be created by the communications team and handed back to researchers for maintenance upon completion. Please reach out to Jackie Hart and Todd Taylor if you have any questions.

The request process

  1. Submit a request for your lab page using the form below. The communications team may contact you with further questions while creating your page on the MBI website.
  2. Once completed, the communications team will request access for the PI and any additional lab members to update the page.
  3. A member of the communications team will schedule a review and hand-off zoom meeting to show the PI and any page administrators how to make changes and updates.
  4. Faculty may reach out to Jackie Hart and Todd Taylor at any point for questions or to request additional information or instruction to edit your page.

Lab Webpage Submission Form

  • This description will be posted at the top of the page under "Our Research".
  • This person will have email requests sent to them from potential trainees and volunteers.
    Full NameEmail 
  • Example: Jane doe- Postdoctoral Associate
  • Please include the title of grant or project, a summary (200 words or less) and any potential links pointing to more content.
  • Full NameEmail