Keyence BZ-X700

Location: McKnight Brain Institute, 1st Floor


The BZ-X700 is a high-throughput all-in-one fluorescence microscope that supports the acquisition of optical sectioning (Z-stacks), as well as image stitching, and cell counting.

An all-in-one life science microscope that can easily observe, capture, and analyze images in fluorescence, brightfield, and phase contrast without the need for a darkroom.


  • This integrated microscope system can perform basic to specialized operations such as stitching, z-stack, quantification, and live cell incubation, making it ideal for neuroscience, cell biology, cancer research, stem cells, etc.
  • High-resolution optical sectioning
  • Automated XYZ stitching
  • Time-lapse incubation
  • High-throughput quantification

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