Scientifica HyperScope

photo of microscope in a lab environment

Location: McKnight Brain Institute, 1st Floor


This system is optimized for imaging approaches that allow collection of signal emitting from deep tissues from live subjects. The motorized frame is highly adaptable to per-forming imaging on numerous models including ex vivo brain slice microscopy, live, in vivo imaging in awake rodents, drosophila, organotypic cultures, and cell culture models. The microscope is equipped with the InSight X3 Dual variable+fixed IR lasers, SomnoSuite low-flow anesthesia station, and custom stages for intravital imaging.


  • In vivo and in vitro two-photon imaging
  • Three-photon imaging
  • Second and third harmonic generation
  • Two-photon photostimulation
  • Fluorescence lifetime imaging

Interested in using the Scientifica HyperScope?
Contact: Dr. Jason Coleman (, Dr. Jose Abisambra (, or Mrs. Katie McIntyre at (kathleenmcintyre@PHHP.UFL.EDU)