Zeiss AxioImager M2

Location: McKnight Brain Institute, 3rd Floor

photo of microscope


Zeiss AxioImager M2 microscope equipped with ApoTome.2

Equipped with Hamamatsu C10600 (ORCA-R2) camera/acquisition of fluorescence at four distinct wavelengths. Works with StereoInvestigator/Neurolucida.


  • Encoding: read-out magnification, illumination and contrast settings, and automatic transfer to ZEN Imaging software
  • Motorization for reproducible component settings and automated processes
  • Excellent optics and homogeneous illumination in both transmitted light and fluorescence applications
  • Research microscope with high performance focus for maximum precision
  • Extend your Axio Imager 2 with high end fluorescence imaging systems, such as Apotome.2

Interested in using the Zeiss AxioImager M2?
Contact Dr. Matthew Burns (matthew.burns@neurology.ufl.edu)