MBI-UF Shared Equipment Resources

Molecular Biology Shared Equipment Room (L2-153)

Bio-Rad Equipment:
For access to this location, please contact the MBI Admin Office at (352) 273-8500

  • ChemiDoc MP Imaging System
  • Gel Doc 2000
  • Molecular Imager FX
  • Densitometer GS-800
  • iMark Microplate Reader
  • Exposure Platform
  • Screen Eraser-B
  • Screen Eraser-K

Behavioral Model Equipment

There is some shared rodent behavioral testing equipment in the MBI that can be used by UF investigators. In addition, many MBI investigators have rodent behavioral testing equipment in their laboratories, which they may be willing to share on a case-by-case basis. For more information, please email Dr. Barry Setlow (Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Chair of the MBI’s Animal Space Use Committee).

Additional Shared Equipment

  • Darkrooms & X-ray Developer ( L4-155)
  • Speedvac Rotary Evaporator (L4-155)
  • Autoclaves (L1-137, L2-137, L3-137, L4-137)
  • Perfusion Rooms (L1-139, L2-139, L4-139)
  • Cold Rooms (L1-141, L2-141, L3-141, L4-141)
  • Ice Machines Lab Use Only (LG-135, L1-130, L2-130, L3-130, L4-130)
  • Centrifuges
    – Beckman LE-80K Ultracentrifuges (L2-158) HC127125
    – Beckman J2-HS Centrifuge (L2-158) HC127126
    – Sanyo Harrier 18/80 Refrigerated Centrifuge (L3-158) HC128348