MBI-UF Shared Equipment Resources

Molecular Biology Shared Equipment Room (L2-153)

Bio-Rad Equipment:
For access to this location, please the MBI Admin Office at (352) 273-8500

  • ChemiDoc MP Imaging System
  • Gel Doc 2000
  • Molecular Imager FX
  • Densitometer GS-800
  • iMark Microplate Reader
  • Exposure Platform
  • Screen Eraser-B
  • Screen Eraser-K


Behavioral Model Equipment

For access to this location, please contact Pat Glenton, 352-294-4970

  • MedAssociates Open Field #MED-OFA (4 units)
  • MedAssociates Tail Suspension #MED-TSS (4 units)
  • MedAssociates T-maze with IR beam detection  #MED-TMAZ-U (4 mazes)
  • MedAssociates NIR Fear conditioning system #MED-VFC-SCT (2 units)
  • San Diego Instruments Startle Response System #SR-LAB (4 units)


Additional Shared Equipment

  • Darkrooms & X-ray Developer (L2-155, L4-155)
  • Speedvac Rotary Evaporator (L4-155)
  • Liquid Scintillation Counter (L4-158)
  • Autoclaves (L1-137, L2-137, L3-137, L4-137)
  • Perfusion Rooms (L1-139, L2-139, L4-139)
  • Cold Rooms (L1-141, L2-141, L3-141, L4-141)
  • Ice Machines Lab Use Only (LG-154, L1-130, L2-130, L3-130, L4-130)
  • Centrifuges
    – Beckman LE-80K Ultracentrifuges (L2-158, L4-158)
    – Beckman J2-HS Centrifuge (L2-158)
    – Beckman TL-100 Ultracentrifuge (L2-155)
    – Sanyo Harrier 18/80 Refrigerated Centrifuge (L3-158)