Behind the Scenes with Gabe Trinity

Photo of Gabe in front of the M-B-I

In his role as a UF Health IT end user computing specialist, Gabe Trinity supports MBI-affiliated faculty and staff with all their computing needs and questions.

In addition to working with faculty and staff to solve their most pressing daily needs, Trinity works to install and upgrade a variety of high-tech equipment, including microscope systems, MRI machines and more. He also handles risk management requests, systematically identifying, analyzing and monitoring potential risks to researcher data, equipment, software and the UF Health IT system as a whole.

“Gabe is a pleasure to work with, and has a rare combination of serious IT support and a sense of humor,” said Steven DeKosky, M.D., deputy director of the MBI. “I’ve never seen him get upset by even the most simple questions he is asked (even if reading the instructions would have answered them). And for the more difficult technical questions, he will think a minute, and then fix them. We couldn’t ask for more.”

Years in current role:  21

Years at UF: 22

A memorable moment at work: I first worked as a microscopy tech when I started at UF. I used a digital technique to stitch microscope images into a mosaic for two different journal covers on brain networking, and I also edited photos and diagrams for a book on manatees which got published.

I’m inspired by: The people I work with, the amazing things they are discovering and the help they are able to give our patients here at UF Health.

Fun fact about me: I have performed onstage at UF’s Curtis M. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, including as a giant puppet in the show Songs and Shenanigans.

two journal covers illustrating two complex neurological diagrams
Journal covers where Trinity’s work was featured.
image of a stage with full orchestra in the background and a large metal-looking puppet next to a ballerina dancing in a bright red dress
Trinity performing on stage as a giant puppet. Photo courtesy of Susanna Mars.
Gabe helps a woman in her office with her laptop
Close-up photo of Gabe's hands working on a computer.
Gabe providing support on a computer
Gabe helps a staff member with her laptop
Gabe helps a staff member with her laptop
Gabe helps a staff member with her laptop