Our investigators hope to broaden the understanding of neurological disorders and change them from untreatable to treatable, incurable to curable and inevitable to preventable.

Research Addiction; brain cancer; breathing; psychiatry; aging; neurobehavioral sciences; pain/sensory physiology; TBI, spinal cord injury and stroke

Focus Areas

Faculty More than 200 faculty members across campus work on multidisciplinary teams to better understand how the brain works.


Partners Collaborating with institutes, centers, departments & programs across UF, our mission extends far beyond the MBI’s walls.


MBI News

UF pediatric oncologist receives V Foundation…

Dr. John Ligon will study a treatment for relapsed pediatric osteosarcoma using a nanoparticle vaccine developed by Dr. Elias Sayour to treat brain…

V Foundation grant

UF brain cancer researcher awarded St…

Dr. Lan Hoang-Minh seeks to improve adoptive T cell therapy for pediatric brain tumor treatment.

woman overseeing another woman piping liquids under a vent in a lab

UF neurologist to evaluate changes in Lewy body…

Dr. Shannon Chiu awarded five-year grant from NIA to investigate changes in LBD using diffusion-weighted MRI and task-based EEG.

woman looking at computer displaying M-R-I information

Researchers in the Spotlight

MBI Day in the Life: SNIP Student Mauli Bhogade

Experience a day in the life of Mauli Bhogade, a participant in the UF Summer Neuroscience Internship Program, known as SNIP.

experience a day in the of Mauli Bhogade

UF neuroscientists featured in AAIC video…

Four UF neuroscientists explained their research during the 2022 Alzheimer’s Association International Conference.

headshots of four diverse male doctors

UF deep brain stimulation team highlighted in…

Drs. Justin Hilliard and Michael Okun featured in UF Health Inspire video about twin sisters treated for essential tremor.

photo of twin patients. They wear matching hairstyles, clothes and accessories

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If you are looking for a way to make a difference, for a way to fight back against addiction; brain cancer; cognitive aging; pain; psychiatric disorders; stroke; traumatic brain and spinal cord injury; and neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, dystonia, Parkinson’s and ALS, then please partner with us in our mission.