Nikon A1R MP

photo of microscope

Special Costs associated with the Nikon:


Location: McKnight Brain Institute, 1st Floor


The Nikon A1R MP has a two-photon imaging mode that provides deeper imaging into thick samples with no background resulting from out-of-focus light and minimal phototoxicity in live samples. It also has a large platform stage that can accommodate small in vivo models. 

Laser-scanning confocal (LSCM), multiphoton (MP), and N-STORM (super-resolution) inverted microscope for fluorescent samples. Available Tokai-Hit stage top incubator with active CO2 and temperature regulation, and passive humidity, for imaging live tissue/cells. LSCM has 6 laser lines, 10x-100x objectives; MP mode = Spectra-Physics Mai-Tai IR variable wavelength fsec-pulse laser: 690-1040nm.; STORM mode = camera based super-resolution down to 20nm; TIRF illumination and 100X objective.


  • In vivo imaging of living specimens
  • Imaging thick samples
  • Long-term live cell imaging
  • Capturing fluorescent images deep into tissues
  • Super resolution imaging
  • Imaging cells, tissues, or whole organisms
  • Live imaging applications

Interested in using the Nikon A1R MP?
Contact: Dr. Jason Coleman ( or Mrs. Katie McIntyre at (kathleenmcintyre@PHHP.UFL.EDU)