Zeiss Lightsheet Z1

photo of microscope

Location: McKnight Brain Institute, 1st Floor


Zeiss Lightsheet Z1 with Life Canvas SmartBatch+ Tissue Clearing and Immunolabeling System

Currently equipped with 4 laser lines, a mesocale imaging system and 2.5x, 5x, and 12x objectives compatible with organic solvent clearing methodologies.

Lightsheet Z.1 lets you acquire images of your whole sample volume at sub-cellular resolution in a fraction of the time it takes with other techniques. Follow the development of your most valuable specimens in a gentle and stable environment – with up to a thousand times less light exposure. The BZ-X700 is a high-throughput all-in-one fluorescence microscope that supports the acquisition of optical sectioning (Z-stacks), as well as image stitching, and cell counting.


  • Imaging live specimens
  • Imaging thick specimens
  • Imaging fluorescently labeled living samples
  • Imaging whole organisms
  • Imaging three-dimensional cell and tissue cultures
  • Imaging cleared tissues

Interested in using the Zeiss Lightsheet Z1?
Contact Dr. Sara Burke (burkes@ufl.edu)