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Binge 1

Binge drinking and blackouts: Sobering truths about lost learning

Published: Sep 19th, 2018

In The Conversation, Dr. Jamie Smolen explains how research suggests that binge drinking in the college brain can impair not only learning, but also memorizing.


Research Snapshots: Drs. Sara Jo Nixon & Linda Cottler

Published: Sep 18th, 2018

UF is part of the largest long-term study of brain development and health in children.

Mitchell thumbnail

Sept. 21: Dr. Duane Mitchell speaks at Biden Cancer Summit & team hosts Biden Cancer Community Summit

Published: Sep 17th, 2018

Watch Dr. Duane Mitchell’s talk at the Biden Cancer Summit live — and tune into talks from other UF Brain Tumor Immunotherapy Program team members leading up to it.

Eye Opener 7

MBI director Dr. Todd Golde hosts UF Eye Opener Discovery Breakfast

Published: Sep 14th, 2018

Dr. Golde discussed neuromedicine research on campus — from Alzheimer’s disease to age-related memory loss to brain cancer.


Dr. Andres Pumariega discusses a lifesaving suicide prevention tool

Published: Sep 12th, 2018

In a short video and Conversation article, Dr. Pumariega explains how a modified version of the Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS), which began as a research and clinical tool, can be used by anyone to help prevent suicide.

McCain 1

Dr. Duane Mitchell discusses glioblastoma in The Conversation

Published: Aug 27th, 2018

On Saturday, Aug. 25, Sen. John McCain lost his courageous year-plus battle with glioblastoma. Dr. Duane Mitchell discusses the disease and his hope for future research breakthroughs.

Head sensors

Small changes to football practices can yield large reduction in head impacts

Published: Aug 24th, 2018

New research led by MBI member Dr. Jay Clugston recorded the number of head impacts during Gator football practices.

Kumar snapshot

Research Snapshots: Drs. Ashok Kumar & Thomas Foster

Published: Aug 24th, 2018

The relationship between brain inflammation, long-term potentiation and aging.

Hub 2

Harnessing the power of the hub

Published: Aug 22nd, 2018

MBI members discuss how the service and science hub specialty care model is working at the Fixel Center.


Dr. Frank Bova earns Edith Quimby Lifetime Achievement Award

Published: Aug 17th, 2018

Read the American Association of Physicists in Medicine press release and Gainesville Sun article about the award, which recognizes Dr. Frank Bova’s lifetime of outstanding contributions to medical physics.